Milton Ontario

Milton is a town of Canada located in southern side of Ontario and 40 km away from west of Downtown Toronto. 

Elementary and High Schools

Both public elementary schools and secondary schools are part of  Halton District School Board. Similarly, catholic elementary and catholic secondary schools are included in Halton Catholic District Board of Milton. A number of private schools are also present in Milton. This town made an agreement in collaboration with Wilfrid Laurier University for establishment of its satellite campus. Nearly funding of 90 million dollars is provided for education in this town. Also Conestoga College satellite campus on the land donated by town for promoting education in Milton.


Milton District Hospital (MDH) is  built on a land of 40 acres. This is a community hospital located in  town of Milton in Canada. An organization named as Halton Healthcare Services operate this hospital. This organization also operates hospitals including Trafalgar Memorial Hospital along with Georgetown Hospital. MDH provides a number of basic care services. Its major areas of health and clinical emphasis include general medicine, emergency, obstetrics,  intensive care unit (ICU) , rehabilitation centers, surgery, medical imaging technology and  complex transitional care of health. Emergency department of hospitals of  town is open seven days a week 24 hours for all sorts of sufferers. There is also a department of outpatient care for more than 37,000 patients every year. Hospitals of Milton are also equipped with the facility of Helipad. A number of hospitals and healthcare services are provided for the community by healthcare in Milton.

Public Parks and Community Centers 

Milton, Ontario does not have any specific recreational department and parks. Collaboration and coordination of care or maintenance of parks is managed through a Department of Public Work. City clerk plays a vital role in maintenance and care of  park rentals at City Hall. Recreational opportunities in this town are coordinated with private organizations and School of District of Milton. These recreation commissions along with parks help to guide and manage decisions related to fundraising for improvement of park projects. This town has facility of many conservation parks, recreational camp grounds and other recreational areas. These conservation parks are owned and controlled by the Conservation Halton in Milton areas. 

Real Estate Fact

Population of Milton will continue to increase in upcoming years because many people are attracted and captured to Milton by the diversity and job opportunities being offered in this region. Rate of unemployment is very less. Home buyers get more advantages from lower mortgage fixed rates.  House sales in this town play a vital role in the economic growth, development, government revenues and job creation every year. Policy makers need to be aware of the outcomes of stress test that can affect the economy and  housing market. In short, Milton is the best place to live in having a number of amenities.


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